Normally alluded to as Electronic Identification (EID) with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) innovation, they provide an opportunity to oversee singular execution of a herd. An electronic identification tag enables livestock to be tracked from their property of birth through to slaughter, as well as identification of animals that may be at risk of disease in the incidence of a (notifiable) disease outbreak, allowing rapid treatment or euthanasia as required, thereby reducing suffering associated with the disease.  Business dairy ranchers use EID regularly. They make the securing of information from the computer chip implanted in labels quicker and simpler. Data such as breed of animals, owner and contacts, even naming of the animals (if you’re into that sort of thing) can be programmed into each particular ear-tag to further distinguish the animals from one another. This can all be done using special software specifically designed for this work. So, if Betty, your heifer, wanders away from the herd, you can access this information right at your fingertips and take action before the hyenas catch up with her.

Wondering where you might be able to source all these materials? Medilink Vet Suppliers will provide you with all these tools and more instruments to enable you to easier identify your animals.

 Ear-tags of all types, sizes and colors, ranging from red to blue and green to yellow are available at very friendly prices. Electronic ear-tags are also available for your needs, as well as ready tech support should you have queries on how to operate them.

Our nation is referred to as the SILICON SAVANNAH, leading others in the region in every type of technology. We envisage a time very soon into the future tagging of dairy cattle will be recommended, if not enforced, to large-scale farmers  for better traceability and accountability of the country’s meat and dairy supply chain for higher quality products. It is best that you are always ahead of the curve, don’t you think?